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OurPublicLibrary.to began as a campaign that successfully fought against former Mayor Rob Ford's cuts and closures to the Toronto Public Library (TPL).

Since, we have grown to a network of 35,000+ supporters dedicated to the protection (and enhancement) of TPL, its workers and the services they provide.

Membership in OurPublicLibrary.to is inclusive and free of charge.

Joining entitles you to receive occasional library-related emails, member-exclusive content, contests, and opportunities to sign petitions and contact decision-makers.

Our Public Library plays a vital role in creating an educated, entertained, and equitable society - from children introduced to their first book, students and researchers, to the many who depend on the TPL for cultural enrichment and reading pleasure.

Our hope is that you'll explore this website to learn more about why Our Public Library is so important, the threats it's under and ideas about what you can do to help.

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*OurPublicLibrary.to is proudly sponsored by the Toronto Public Library Workers Union.